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An elderly woman, who used to be a teacher in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and came to India’s Chennai after her marriage, was seen living a life of a destitute and begging on the streets by a content creator. Mohamed Ashik, 25, shared the woman’s poignant story on his Instagram account named @abrokecollegekid.

Ashik also helped the woman in settling down at an old age home and also started her Instagram account where she could teach English. The woman, whose name is Merlin, said she is 81 years old. She said she is from Rangoon, Burma, referring to the former names of both the city and the country. The city is now known as Yangon.

When asked how she came to Chennai, Merlin said, “Because my husband is from India. I got married in church only. So, he brought me here to his mother. We came here, all of them died! No one lived.” She then told him how she has to beg to feed herself.

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Talking about her life in Burma, Merlin said she used to be a teacher and used to take tuition classes for English and Maths for children. Ashik then asked her if she needed anything from him and Merlin said, “Nothing my son. Just one saree, one blouse in skirt, nothing else.”

Ashik then took out a box and handed it to her saying he brought her a saree. He also told the elderly woman that he doesn’t want her to beg. He proposed an idea to her to make English videos on Instagram, and for every video, he would pay her.

Watch the video below:

Her Instagram account is called @englishwithmerlin and she has already amassed 5.67 lakh followers. And not only this, Merlin has now been shifted to an old age home.

One of her students saw the viral video and recognised her. She used to teach him when he was a kid and he was her favourite student and they all lived in the same building. The man even interacted with her on a video call and it has been 15 years since they had last interacted. Her students had nicknamed her ‘Gamma’, short for grandma. Many former students also called her and convinced her to move to an old age home.

“Mashallah… what a beautiful outcome.. this is how internet should be used,” a user commented. “If we use social media in a correct way this is the output, power of social media,” said another.

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