8888677771 | Dengue threat: Chief secretary holds review meeting

Health camps are being conducted in areas where fever instances are reported, the State government has said in a statement. Areas that report three or more cases of fever are reviewing the cause for fever and taking steps to check the spread, health officials have said. The measure is to check the spread of dengue in the State.  

The statement was released after Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena conducted a review meeting on Tuesday to assess preparedness against dengue ahead of the northeast monsoon. The meeting was held to survey the functioning of 2,972 public healthcare facilities in the State. 

At present, 21,307 temporary workers have been employed daily to control mosquito larvae breeding and at district-level control measures are being taken up, the officials said. 

Officials have been advised to ensure tyres, coconut shells, and plastic cans are eliminated to avoid breeding of dengue-causing aedes mosquitoes. Health officials are inspecting public buildings, government offices, public places such as eateries, cinemas, parks, playgrounds, marriage halls, restaurants, industries and educational institutions. 

Nilavembu kudineer is being offered in all primary health centres, government hospitals and Indian systems of medicine hospitals. The Drug Control department has instructed pharmacies not to dispense medicines without prescriptions. People have been cautioned against self-medication for fever. 

The government has deployed 16,005 fogging machines, 66,889 litres of pyrethrin insecticide; 1,28,721 litres of malathion; and 49,593 litres of temephos. Doctors in private hospitals are being given training in identifying and treating fever, the statement added. 

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