8888677771 | Driver of HC judge complains against pesky calls

A 45-year-old driver of a High Court judge sought police help to save him from pesky calls he was getting seeking details of a marriage alliance .

Unable to bear the harassment for the last six months, Vijay Kumar filed a complaint with the Central Cybercrime police requesting their help to take down his number which was displayed on the social media account related to marriage alliance in North Karnataka.

“ I get three to four calls everyday and sometimes more and I am fed up of replying to the people who call me asking for details of alliances and all sorts of queries,” he said .

It is deliberate and not an accidental act, he said, adding that someone had posted his name along with his number as a marriage broker .

The police have registered a case on Monday and are trying to track down the admin of Suvarna Vadhvara Mahithi Kendra and two other accounts for further action .

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