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Ahead of Teachers’ Day, students from across India talk about their classroom favourites and their hopes and expectations from their mentors

Living in an area riddled with drug menace, Harsimran’s parents rely on teachers to protect their children from becoming targets of drug smugglers

Who is your favourite teacher? 

My favourite teacher’s name is Rita.

What do you like about her?

I appreciate that she treats all students in the same manner. There’s another teacher who doesn’t treat me well, but Rita ma’am doesn’t differentiate among students. She cares for everyone, and in return, all the students love her too.

What you wish teachers wouldn’t do?

I hope teachers didn’t practice favouritism by giving special treatment to one student and ignoring or slighting others. Some teachers tend to do that, and it’s not fair.

One thing you wish teachers would do?

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I wish all teachers were like Rita ma’am, treating all their students kindly. I feel comfortable asking Rita ma’am anything. Teachers should create an environment where children aren’t afraid to approach them. Sometimes, there are students who can’t understand a topic but they are too shy to raise their hand.  Often they get left behind.

Would you like to be a teacher when you grow up?

No, I don’t want to become a teacher. My dream is to become a doctor because I want to alleviate people’s suffering through medicine.

— As told to Kamaldeep Singh Brar, Amritsar

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