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Actress Rani Mukerji, who has kept her personal especially marital life away from the glare of the media, in a recent interview with Film Companion revealed that she chose right in terms of her husband as she never desired someone who was outgoing. Revealing that she is the bigger introvert between her husband and herself, Rani said, “I chose right, because I didn’t want to choose a person who is outgoing. I’m happy at home, he’s happy at home, we both are happy at home. It would’ve been really difficult if I had a husband who was like, ‘Hey, let’s go out partying’. I’d be like, ‘Really? Is staying in bed really that bad?’ I chose right in that department. He doesn’t force me to go anywhere, I don’t force him to go anywhere. We are so happy being at home.”

The Mardaani actress however jokingly said that after featuring in Netflix series Romantics, her husband Aditya Chopra’s enthusiasm regarding going out has surprisingly gone up. “It’s become a big problem, because I chose to marry a guy who isn’t known (publicly).”

The actress also said that her husband will feature in her memoir as he has “no choice.” The actress added, “people need to know I am married to him na.”

Rani, who was lauded for her stellar performance in her last movie Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, also spoke about her relationship with Aditya Chopra in terms of their career. She said, “There is mutual respect for each other’s work. Adi generally respects my craft and I respect him as a filmmaker. This helps us talk to each other without any kind of agenda, ego or judgements. I enjoy his success as much as he enjoys mine.”

Besides sharing a bonhomie in terms of work, Rani Mukerji also revealed that she and Aditya Chopra still watch movies together. She said, “For me the best time that Adi and me have is when we go to watch a movie together. That is something we continue doing every Friday at YRF (Yash Raj Films studio) in Mumbai. But when we are outside India, we go everywhere. It is lovely to hold hands and all. It’s quite nice… I think it is fun, just going and standing in the line, getting your ticket, getting your popcorn. Nowadays you get pizza also, which is great. So, you get quite good food. It is nice to eat, watch your film. It is crazy, it is such a good experience.”

Speaking elaborately about how she makes her marriage with Aditya interesting, Rani said in the same interview, “The best thing about relationships is that you need to shock your partner every day, and I shock Adi every day. It is like every day he sees a new me. He is like ‘I don’t know what is coming today’. So that is good. He is really bechara (helpless), and simple. It is boring to be simple, so I like to make him… He is always like ‘Aaj kya hoga (What will happen today)?’ So, he tells me that ‘For me it is like I am every day putting on a new channel. One day it is comedy, one day it is drama. One day it is violence’. One day it is romance, of course. So, it is like a different movie each day; it is nice.”

Talking about her influence in casting for film under the Yash Raj banner, Rani Mukerji revealed that there have times when she has refused being cast in her film by her husband. On being asked if Aditya held that against her, Rani said, “He never gets upset with any actor which is why he is such a successful producer because he doesn’t want any actor to be a part of the film when they are not dying to be a part of that film for then they won’t give their 100 percent.”

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra married in 2014 and baby Adira was born in 2015. In terms of work, Rani Mukerji was last seen in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway. Rani Mukerji’s filmography includes hits as well as critically acclaimed movies like Black, Hum Tum, Bunty Aur Babli, the Mardaani series, Saathiya, Talaash, Hichki among many others.

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