8888677771 | New Fashion Trend For Women Slammed In China: “Easy-To-Get-Married Style”

The new fashion trend has taken over Chinese social media.

A new fashion trend is being criticised by social media users in China, who say it encourages conformity to societal expectations and prioritises the satisfaction of others over personal will. The style, called “easy-to-get-married” fashion – or “hao jia feng” in local language – is gaining popularity across social media platforms in mainland China. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), the fashion trend features mid-length dresses, cozy knitwear, and coats in lively, flesh-toned hues such as white and pink, often adorned with delightful ruffles and bows.

This style is believed to resonate with the preferences of Chinese men when it comes to beauty. It also seeks to highlight the natural body curves of women while conveying an image of modesty, innocence, purity, and gentleness – qualities associated with marriage eligibility.

A notable embodiment of this fashion can be seen in the character Saeko, portrayed by Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara in the TV drama ‘Shitsuren Chocolatier’.

Many Chinese bloggers have put together a collection of 87 outfits used by the character and labelled them the “easy-to-get-married” style.

While their followers like the practicality of the style that’s trending, others accuse it of violating the gender equality norms. They have questioned why individual choices are being sacrificed in order to keep someone else happy?

“I reject being guided by principles of marriage and romance. I refuse to cater to male aesthetics. The ‘easy-to-get-married style’ shackles women to a pillar of shame,” commented one user, as per SCMP.

Some users have even started a counter to the trend – “difficult-to-get-married style” – which goes with the slogan “Be a difficult-to-get-married girl, read, exercise, travel, love work, and love spending money”.

This counter style champions self-satisfaction and encourages women to stay true to themselves.

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