8888677771 | Rakhi Sawant completes her Umrah at Makkah’s Masjid-al-Haram amid controversy with Adil Khan Durrani

Rakhi Sawant, who took off for Mecca a few days ago, has completed her Umrah rituals at Masjid-al-Haram. She visited the Holy place with her Rakhi brother Waahiid Ali Khan and his wife Shaista Ali Khan.

Rakhi Sawant performs Umrah

Waashiid posted a picture on Instagram wherein Rakhi was seen sporting a white abaya. He wrote alongside, “Kia hua wada nibhaya #umrah #mubarak may Allah fulfill all your wishes Fatima @rakhisawant2511.”
There was another video which saw Rakhi performing and trying to understand the Umrah rituals with Shaista.The two also wore a black abaya as they landed in Madinah. Take a look.

Last week, Rakhi’s estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani had levelled several allegations on her. He accused her of framing him in rape case and cheating on him with ex-husband Ritesh Singh. He even questioned her religious identity.

In a press conference, Rakhi tried to steer clear of all the accusations that were levelled against her.
She blamed Adil for her miscarriage and said, “He denied our marriage. I was pregnant then. He mentally tortured me. My mother was in the hospital. I had just come out of Bigg Boss Marathi when I learnt about his girlfriends, I got into stress. I started bleeding. Miscarriage happened. I went to the doctor. He kept saying nothing had happened. I didn’t abort the child. He tortured me so much that I miscarried.

Rakhi claims she is a Muslim

In the same PC, she declared she is a Muslim and will remain one until she dies. To prove her point, she not only went to a dargah recently but also flew to Mecca for Umrah.
Before taking off she shared in a video, “I feel very fortunate that today I am going to Umrah for the first time. Please pray for me and I will also pray for everyone there.” The actress also filed a police complaint against Adil, Rajshree More and Sherlyn Chopra for ganging up against her and hacking her Instagram account.

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